How We Work in Balmoral HR

All PLGA specialists and Balmoral HR associates operate to a high standard based on the our Code of Practice and with customer satisfaction as a primary metric.

We carry out a full Compliance Audit to understand your needs and structure a solution against those needs which is presented to you for approval.

This agreed solution will form the operating basis for the PLGA – client relationship going forward and will contain details of what is to be provided, quality and service levels, timing of activities, expectations of each party and other factors.

PLGA conform to client requirements for confidentiality except, as is the case for all organisations operating in this way, where legislation requires us to operate otherwise.

If such situations or circumstances to our knowledge are about to arise, we will inform the client accordingly, allowing the client to make a considered decision.

We work to ensure all of your requirements are met as jointly agreed, whether they be setting up processes, confirming documentation, reviewing procedures, changing policies, overcoming organisational resistance, creating a desired strategic culture, assessing options through an environmental scan or designing developing and implementing growth through change.

We work inclusively and involve appropriately.

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