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Enterprise Change Initiatives can range from creating a new corporate culture, setting up a new business operation, defining and implementing new channels to market, to mergers and acquisitions and their resulting requirements for integrating the culture of the different parties.

Each of these will have different elements and stages in producing the final solution or desired end state.

Different elements of the end state, of the final solution, may be programmes and projects in their own right. All aspects will have to be co-ordinated, interdependencies defined and established, cross cutting risks identified, analysed, response strategies defined and risks managed, and communications carefully planned to ensure coherence.

As this solution could quite easily be the creation and implementation of a new Business Unit, the Enterprise Change Team will produce a content framework. This Enterprise Change Content Framework is a concept model expressed in business terms and it allows for building blocks and major deliverables to be specified, defined and structured, in a consistent way. Either or both of these may require the production of artefacts, which are specifications or descriptions of the required output.

Enterprise Change seeks to deliver and ensure delivery, of the benefits captured or specified, at the outset of the change initiative. Outcomes are the step change in capability arising from the use of the outputs produced at the other management environments.

The transition period for the output or outputs, sits within the P3MPlus® Flexible Programme and is the period of time required by operational end users, to get used to the new solution and reach the required levels of productivity, in essence to achieve the outcome or step change in capability.

In this process, there is a focus on the specifying and building the change solution required, procuring and engaging resources to build the solution, progressive and managed engagement of stakeholders, sustaining the attention of the change subjects, focused communications and maintaining momentum.

Within this process the Enterprise Change Director, through the Enterprise Change Board, will ensure the execution of the activities to build the solution.

The Enterprise Change Director and Team will:

  • Develop a design for the solution appropriate to the organisational and business needs identified earlier. This may require several iterations before the final solution can be considered as sufficiently detailed and able to be approved.
  • Initiate the actions required for the solution to be built. These include where value will be added, actions to build a prototype, obtain customer and user feedback, incorporate lessons from benchmarking exercises, amend designs, revisit benefit:cost analyses, obtain specialist feedback from subject matter experts, development of detailed design and production
  • Measure using appropriate metrics to identify degree of success against the critical success factors
  • Develop and execute continuing activities in the programme of communication, both internal and external. These will provide ongoing updates of progress with the change, milestones achieved and successes delivered.

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