HR Compliance

Ensuring you and your organisation is compliant with the increasing legislational overhead is getting harder and harder. One key area is employment law with others including Health and Safety, equality and ethics.

Managers at all levels are finding it harder to cope with the rising tide of statutory rules and changing standards, sometimes with changing goalposts. The need to achieve cost efficiencies are ever present and they are underpinned by the need to get the most out of your workforce.

Your policies to recruit and retain new talent are crucial, as is the way you are seen by prospective applicants even before you advertise your vacant roles.

Let us help you to create a culture that is fit for purpose, right for you and your organisation, and one which positions you as an employer of choice when it is correctly applied and lived to.

Let us help you to create and embed effective working practices that maximise ROI for you by developing asset efficacy.

When you are growing and are about to Merge or Acquire another company key considerations to be made include:

  1. size of workforce existing
  2. size and degree of synergy to be gained
  3. commonality with own T&Cs, or lack of
  4. number of people to TUPE across
  5. T&Cs to be safeguarded and for how long

It is no wonder that the majority of companies, including many HR managers, seek professional compliance advice from external sources. When you consider in the area of recruitment – civil penalties include fines of up to £10,000 for each illegally employed worker, and unlimited fines and imprisonment of up to 2 years for knowingly employing illegal workers – the need to get it right has never been more critical.

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