Urgency and Engagement

Change leaders have to create a feeling of energy, a tidal wave of momentum which will suck people along in its wake. This energy can empower people to make the psychological shift and embrace the change.

Change leaders need to communicate the overriding imperative for the change, before, during and after the change. People buy in to the personal energy, enthusiasm and aura of the speaker. The speaker who exudes magnetism, charisma, charm, confidence, character and tells a story or two, is bought into for more than someone who talks in a monotone, just delivers a message and does not really show ownership or interest.

The Enterprise Change Director will charge the Enterprise Change Board with creating the sense of urgency for the change. Well researched supporting information e.g. action taken by competitors, a change in legislation, changes in the operating environment and marketplace, can verify the underpinning for the change.

A structured cascade of communications organised by the Internal Communications Team, under the direction of the Enterprise Change Team, will help to build and maintain this sense of urgency. The progression of communications is essential to engaging stakeholders and maintaining the engagement throughout the change lifecycle.

Communication activities may include regular newsletters, communication cascades through corporate videos, televideo conferences, webinars, phone in sessions, open days, facilitated group meetings or focus group meetings.

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