Director Coaching

Directors operate at a strategic level in the organisation and have to keep their eye on the strategic picture, whilst ensuring that targets are achieved through others. They have to operate in a wide scope and juggle many balls in the air simultaneously, which can lead to stressful situations and require effective time management and planning.

Executive Directors run the risk of getting caught up in the day-to-day understanding insufficient time on their own needs. They have to respond to changing priorities and a high degree of ambiguity, which can lead to changing plans, actions within those plans and dependencies between those actions.

Executive Directors also have to do depend on the actions of team members whom they may not have direct control over. in such situations sometimes it is not enough for the Director to depend on their role title and authority, to be able to persuade another team member to do what they ask. Relationships have to be created and listened, requiring time and effort to sustain them.

Directors in an executive role can benefit from coaching interventions.

Balmoral Coaching can help the Executive Director to make the difference, no matter if it is at the start of a new role, mid way through a tour of duty, or when considering how to overcome one or more obstacles at any point.

At Balmoral Coaching we help the Executive Director to identify the issues to be addressed, apply clarity to the root causes of each issue and to achieve insights into which solutions to apply.

Our executive coaching can be for an individual director, or it can be for the whole board. Boards of directors can have individual directors who focus on their own personal agendas, sometimes over and above the needs of the corporate organisation. This can have both short-term and long-term damaging effects an action should be taken to stop or prevent this.

Through engaging individual directors in facilitative one-to-one coaching, we help individual and directors to address the subject professional development areas, both for himself, and for their director colleagues.

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