Build Capability

A key aspect of any change initiative is to recognise the capability and capacity of existing personnel, versus that required in any future operating model.

The capability of personnel is related to their ability to perform role requirements, according to the standards set and the competences specified. Their capacity to perform Is related to the workload that they have and their personal motivation to stretch the workload to accommodate new work.

We carry out a Capability Audit To identify and assess capability levels in each of the areas under audit. This forms a baseline indicator against which the change can be designed and after implementation, can be further assessed for improvements gained.

The results from the Capability Audit can be an important factor in deciding on elements of any Future Operating Model, whether that is for Finance, HR, Operations, or the whole business.

Creating a Future Operating Model may be one of the actions or activities, in the Build Solution process flow. It may be one element of a Change Blueprint, a whole Intermediate Blueprint, or the end solution entirely.

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