Integrate, Consolidate and Embed

The focus in this fifth process flow is to ensure the steady transition of the produced solution into normal operations.

This requires keeping a steady eye on:

  • Deliverables as they are produced
  • Integrating them in a managed way into normal operations and with existing systems
  • Ensuring the change subjects are kept abreast of events as they occur
  • Receiving and acting on feedback during the change initiative, and specifically after the delivery of training events to change subjects and other stakeholders
  • Carrying out a programme of communication activities to engage stakeholders
  • Consolidating gains by recognising achievements and giving recognition to those who have contributed particularly effectively

There are five activities in this process flow:

  • Integrate Old With New
  • Manage Survivor Syndrome
  • Reinforce Values and Processes
  • Model and Communicate
  • Measure Maturity

You can find more details on these by downloading our free Fundamentals Manual – Fundamentals of Managing Integrated Organisational Change using Polychor®. Go to to download it.

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