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Balmoral EC

Enterprise Change is the systematic management of the totality of change within the organisation, comprising portfolios, programmes, projects and operations, strategically defined and designed with organisational design and development tools and techniques, to achieve strategic and organisational harmony.

Balmoral Enterprise Change (BalmoralEC) ensures that as a starting point, the organisation:

  • Understands the need for change,
  • How to design and deliver it,
  • The processes and structures required to enable this,
  • It’s impact on the change subjects and managing this impact in a structured way,
  • Obtains and allocates specialist resources
  • Ensures strategic alignment before, during and after
  • Achieves the strategic goals, objectives and targets
  • Embeds Value through benefits realization


BalmoralEC Enterprise Change covers:

  • Different organizational types and their sizes, transitioning between them in growth and efficiency phases
  • Corporate Ownership
  • The role and structure of the Top Team, CEO and Board of Directors
  • Creating and Communicating the Vision
  • Defining Values and Identifying Strategic Directions
  • Revisiting Strategy in the Stewardship Process
  • Understanding Natural Harmonic States and minimizing Chaos
  • Guidelines in designing and implementing Organizational Change for Global, Multi-National and National large corporates
  • Positioning required change in the correct change management environment using the Complexity of Change Continuum, to ensure it is managed in the optimal way for the organisation.

In theBalmoralEC Enterprise Change Method there are five process flows:

  1. Build a Change Environment
  2. Build Engagement
  3. Build Solution
  4. Sustain Engagement and Strengthen the Foundations
  5. Integrate, Consolidate And Embed

These are explained a little detail on the next pages

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