Programme of Communications

It is essential to have a clear programme of communications, structured to present information in a concise way and engage a range of stakeholders.

A Communications Requirements Analysis is performed when carrying out a Stakeholder Analysis. The results of both will give an understanding of:

  • Who are the stakeholders which are:
    • Supporting the change and those most likely to resist it
    • Able to influence the change and to what degree
    • Most likely to intervene either directly, or through others, during the change lifecycle and when
  • Those engagement actions which are;
    • Most likely to influence stakeholders in a way which increases their support, or motivation for the change
    • Critical to execute at particular points in time during the change lifecycle and the reasons why
    • Required as sustaining communications – those to sustain attention and motivation
  • The types and range of communications which are necessary for different groups or communities of stakeholders

PLGA have communication specialists, experienced in both internal and external communications.

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