Senior Management Coaching

Balmoral Coaching has an executive coaching process which works very well with executive directors, senior managers and middle managers.

The process starts with an initial discussion during which the executive coach seeks to build a complete picture about to the client. This picture includes the level of existing skills, knowledge and experience of the client, their objectives and motivations to achieve those objectives. It also includes any related areas which add to the overall understanding.

Once this composite picture is built up, the executive coach can see what issues exist, the areas which need to be focused on, and build an idea of the timeframe required.

Senior Managers rely on the achievements of their own team and the results of the actions of the wider teams. Coaching can focus on a wide range of issues or situations, including helping the client to achieve clarity in going forward for an interview, develop a specific skill set where time does not allow attendance on a formal training course, and achieve a deeper understanding of a particular area.

The benefits to be gained from executive coaching for senior managers and can include:

  • Greater commitment
  • Greater sense of feeling valued
  • Improved management style
  • Retention of key people
  • Better creativity and well formed ideas presented for discussion

Our Coaching for senior managers covers many areas including but not limited to:

  • Business acumen
  • Analytical and innovative thinking
  • Social and communication skills
  • Financial management
  • Leadership and organisational skills
  • Capacity to inspire trust
  • Build a commitment to action
  • Recognition and rewards

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