The Benefits Focus

All change initiatives identified through the Stewardship Process are strategically aligned and designed to deliver benefits.

Benefits are captured in the Business Case at all levels as appropriate. Benefits are the measured application of delivered change solutions, or step changes in capability arising from the implemented change.

At Enterprise Change level this may be the increase in perception of added value arising from the introduction of a new Business Unit, entering a new channel to market, setting up a new distribution network, engaging one or more strategic partners in a Joint Venture, or delivering against a new strategic direction.

I wonder if the Board of Dixons Retail Group (DRG) had taken a decision to keep up with the competition, be ahead of the remaining competition, or just to maintain a market position, when they decided to set up a new Business Unit as an Internet Service Provider, called Freeserve.

Had they carried out the market research to underpin this decision? Had they foreseen, as a planned benefit, the increase in market capitalization which would be achieved? Freeserve at one point was worth three times the size of DRG.

Businesses that achieve a high level of change maturity necessarily implement a focus on benefits, as an integral arm of their balanced scorecard or dashboard reporting.

PLGA Consultants help Boards and Change Teams to produce Business Cases, identify and structure benefits, monitor their realisation and deliver strategically against the Benefits Profile and Benefits Map.

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