Business Knowledge Planning

Within Organisational Design and Development, there are several strands which hold equal importance. The design and implementation of an effective and appropriate Knowledge Management backbone is one of these.

Without corporate will and joined up thinking, any efforts to capture organisational knowledge or produce wisdom, can only be sporadic and half hearted at best.

The Top Team have to understand the importance that the knowledge gained in all assets, developed through business and people interactions, and stored in multiple places, holds for the organisation.

The importance of this information and its implications for the organisation going forward, cannot be ignored, nor should it be underestimated.

PLGA specialists are able to produce an Information Knowledge Policy and Framework, create the infrastructure to house it securely, and develop the people aspects to make it a reality.

Although an Information Architecture may develop organically, it will not deliver the type or level of results it could easily do, if planned effectively for optimum placement and delivery.

The Information Knowledge Policy and Framework incorporates the Information Architecture. It ensures that the multitude of data entities, data points, processes, interactions within workflows within processes, are all incorporated coherently. It also embeds this within the organisational strategies, aims and objectives.

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