Organisational Development

Organisation Development may be defined as the composite set of intentional activities performed to design improvements in working practices, efficiencies in operations, effectiveness in meeting customers requirements, reduce turnaround times, improve innovation, and increase readiness to change through improving processes, policies, structures and systems. There is a distinct relationship between Organisation Design and Development, Knowledge Planning and Management and Culture.

Organisation Development is not about training, development, coaching, mentoring, developing leaders and teams, or the like. Its primary purpose is to develop the organisation, not its people. It uses people to produce those aspects mentioned in the paragraph above. The function of training, development, coaching, mentoring, developing leaders and teams is achieved through Talent Identification, Talent Development, Learning and Development and Human Capital Development.

There is a high reliance on internal and external stakeholders and the relationships both current and desired, when looking at how organisational development can be applied or implemented.

The objective of applying Organisation Development is to introduce improvements to the way the organisation is able to handle all areas of its functioning and relationships.

Whatever your needs PLGA have experts in Organisational Development who have held CEO, MD, Board level roles, Executive and Non Executive Director roles, in many different companies. They are able to identify and assess current and future states, from a practical perspective, as well as use underpinning theory to ensure best for use solutions are obtained.

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