First 100 day Coaching

The first 100 days are critical when any manager, or individual, starts a new role.

We have seen instances where a director, in taking on a new role, wants to make a big impact right from the very beginning. They reason that this is the basis why they were recruited in the first place, that they could come in from a standing start.

Other managers when achieving promotion, can take so long in assessing the situation, that they suffer from paralysis by analysis. when actions are taken, they are frequently too late, or insufficient, to meet the needs of the environment, team or situation.

Having a Balmoral Coach can help a senior manager to understand their new role, key points to focus on in the first 100 days, barriers to overcome and steps to take to overcome those barriers.

This is called our First 100 day Coaching Programme. The Balmoral Coach can help the client senior manager to understand the political landscape and achieve a high degree of stakeholder analysis.

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