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In Balmoral Coaching we say coaching:

  • Can be used to address a comprehensive range of areas, with a focus on specific areas during any one coaching intervention
  • Is not counselling and where it becomes clear to the coach that the client would benefit from counselling (a clinical intervention) to deal with emotional issues, then the coaching is stopped and the coach makes the necessary recommendation to the client
  • Is not mentoring as the coach focuses on helping the client identifying problems and only the solutions that they themselves come up with
  • Requires skill in carrying out the coaching conversations and discussions
  • Provides the client with feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and provides a base for them to develop their existing skills

Having a range of experience and a level of maturity helps the coach to quickly add value to the client.  When it comes to subject level knowledge there are two schools of thought.

One school says that it is greatly beneficial if the coach has a degree of knowledge in the area the client is currently based in and is therefore able to help the client to make the necessary progression.

The other school of thought says it does not matter if the coach does not have this knowledge. Not having this knowledge helps the coach to develop and maintain the necessary detachment and distance, therefore objectivity, in engaging with the client and adding value.

I have examples of where the coach has, in asking the right question, prompted the client to question their own direction and come up with an innovative approach to solving that particular problem.  This supports the second school of thought.

In my experience there is a real risk of where the coach has got some knowledge of the issue or area that is being discussed, he/she feels they have to impart that knowledge to help the client.  This type of behaviour is much more clearly towards mentoring than it is towards coaching.  That is not to say it does not have value, it is just that there is a time and place for both.

Mentoring is where the mentor listens to the mentee and his/her problems, gives them the benefit of his own experience and what has worked for him, to help the mentee is arriving at a way forward.  Coaching is different in that the coach focuses the questioning on helping the coachee to explore options for themselves without being guided and to arrive at the right way forward.

Balmoral Coaching can help you to make the difference, no matter if it is at the start of a new role, mid way through a tour of duty, or when considering how to overcome one or more obstacles at any point.

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