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A New Framework for managing strategic change for companies across the world has been completed and is in a book called Managing Strategic Change Successfully using BalmoralEC™ which has been published.

It is on sale now.

Learn how you can break your intended strategic change into 5 Process Flows, make it more manageable by carrying out the 30 activities within the 5 Process Flows, manage it better by selecting each tool or technique needed at the time required from the extensive toolkit given to you, and make the necessary considerations given to you in the comprehensive Knowledge Sets.

Guidance has also been given into Skills and Interpersonal Skill Areas, including cultural intelligence that can be quite useful for global organisations, or companies that want to expand into new territories or countries.

Managing Strategic Change Successfully using BalmoralEC™ presents a focus on how to, rather than extensive theory or multiple theories on supporting people through change.  It gives you a focus on the design, development, delivery, close and evaluation of strategic change initiatives and is structured more as an easy to read, primer or manual.

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